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Chapter 2: Safe For Work

Dear Readers,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for making Bronx University a resounding success. In October, Issue # 1 peaked at number 4 on Amazon’s list of top 100 religious graphic novels. This accomplishment would not have been possible without you!

We were also impressed by the support you showed at NYCC 2017 and all the great feedback we received. Rest assured that we’re listening and appreciate your comments. Keep writing in via the website, and we’ll keep being receptive.

We were surprised by how many aspects of the book readers wrote in about but no other topic was mentioned more than the sex scene in issue # 1. And while we stand by our creative choice, and consider the segment an essential part of the story with long-lasting ramifications for our characters in subsequent story arcs, the majority of the readers that wrote in felt uncomfortable with the scene. We hear you! Because of the almost unanimous feedback, and our love for our readers, Bronx University issues 2-6 will not contain any sexual content.

We have added pages to Issue # 2 so that it serves as an excellent jump-on point for new readers, without them having to read issue # 1. With that said, fans that read issue # 1 will still get a more luxurious experience. We believe that this is better than censorship. We love you, but we also believe in our creative choices.


Juan Suarez, Psy.D.
CEO, Conviction Comics

Liia Magi
Creative Director, Conviction Comics

Liia Magi