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Chapter 3: Onward

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! 2017 was a fantastic year for Conviction Comics, and our success would not have been possible without you. Thank you!

We want to take this time to address some of your desires and to unveil our plans for 2018. We have done an excellent job of staying on schedule. We published issues 0 & 1 of Bronx University early, and we released issue 2 on time. While these are substantial accomplishments, our readers have asked for more. Specifically, autograph appearances and printed materials have been requested. We’re happy to oblige!

Instead of putting it on the website (, we will be printing the Bronx University campus map as a small poster. We will also be releasing new sticker sets every six months. The first sticker set, released at NYCC 2017, was a huge success and we want to make their release a tradition.

These items will serve as palpable vehicles for our autographs and as physical tokens of our appreciation for your support. While we are committed to publishing our books digitally, we want to give our readers something that they can touch.

The current plan is to give out the stickers and posters, for free, to those who attend one of our appearances and have bought our books. We are currently in discussion with multiple comic book stores and independent comic book initiatives in order to establish our appearance schedule. We will release appearance details as soon as they are available. We look forward to meeting our readers face to face.

Because of upcoming appearances, we will be changing the release schedule of our books. We hope that this change allows us the opportunity to reach new readers before the final issue of Bronx University (Issue # 6). Autograph appearances will take place between issue releases.

New Release Schedule

Issue 3 April 7, 2018
Issue 4 July 7, 2018
Issue 5 September 1, 2018
Issue 6 December 1, 2018

With Love,

Conviction Comics Team


Liia Magi